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Sweet Set

Sweet Set

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Here's a personalized sweet box idea that includes a shirt, a glass cup, sweet treats, a pen, and a notebook:

  1. Customized T-Shirt:

    • Select a design or graphic that reflects interest, hobbies, or favorite colors. it could be cool graphics related to gaming, sports, or favorite characters.

  2. Glass Cup with Personalization:

Included is a high-quality glass cup, bamboo spill-free lid and straw, BONUS straw cleaner. Very durable and stylish cup for drinks, adding a personal touch. Personalize it !

3.  Healing Precious Stone Bracelet:  

Additional a handmade crystal healing bracelet is a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry designed to promote well-being and positive energy.

  1. Assorted Sweet Treats:

    • Curate a selection favorite sweets, such as chocolates, candies, or cookies. 

  2. Quality Pen:

    • Added is a high-quality pen that he can use for school, work, or personal notes. Features sleek design and unique feature, like a stylus tip for a smooth writing experience.

  3. Stylish Notebook:

    • Include a stylish and functional leather-bound journal.  This adds a touch of sophistication to the gift.

These amazing items, are privately selected and arranged thoughtfully in a decorative box to create a unique and memorable sweet box with a personal touch. The combination of practical and enjoyable items ensures a well-rounded and thoughtful gift for the boy.

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